It could be genetics, or it could just be that we're getting older, but some of us, including myself, have to struggle with thinning and fine hair. Put on your favorite hat or shave everything off? No, no, no. Simply follow these simple steps to give your crown new vitality and life. 


 Many guys mistakenly believe they are thinning on top, when in fact they simply have fine hair. What's the difference between the two? Let's have a look at it in more detail.

  • Fine hair refers to the size of your hair follicles, or how thick they are; thin hair refers to the density of your hair follicles, or how near or far apart they are.
  • Fine hair is softer, more brittle, lighter, and slightly greasier than coarse hair.
  • Thinning hair is typically due to genetics, hormone levels or natural hair loss due to aging, or the natural progression of losing those strands, i.e. baldness.

These tips will work for both hair kinds, but if you can't do them all (which we highly recommend), it's crucial to know your hair type so you can figure out which ones are the most significant. Because fine hair is all about volume, you'll want to concentrate on the styling recommendations. Stopping hair loss is crucial about keeping those follicles as healthy as possible, so focus on hair health advice for thinning hair.


Some men feel that washing their hair too frequently causes it to thin out or, worse, cause baldness. It is, however, quite the opposite. Washing your hair thickens it by removing grime and grease that causes it to fall flat. What is the significance of this? Hair with volume fills in the gaps, effectively concealing your scalp and giving you a rich, full head of hair. If you can manage it, remember to wash with cold water. The natural enemy of your hair is heat. As a result, keep it cold and clean!


An excellent thickening shampoo has technology and ingredients that provide lift and volume to the hair strands. Also check for Biotin, Rice Protein, and/or Vitamin H, a vital vitamin that helps to support healthy hair and new growth. Everything's important to remember to let it marinate. Do not immediately rinse away the shampoo. Allow time for it to work its magic. Shop our carefully selected shampoo collection suitable for thinning hair and to restore thickness and health to your hair.


Hair that is constantly brushed and combed might become limp and flat. Worse, if your hair tangles easily, forceful combing will result in more hair on the comb than on your head! Let's face it, most of us will experience hair loss at some point in our lives; let's not hasten the process. Instead, try hand-styling. Not only will this give your hair a fuller, more natural appearance, but messiness is currently in. Ignore the comb and go with the flow.


For those of us with fine hair, pre-styling is essential for adding structure and volume. It also has enough light hold to obviate the need for any other styling product in some styles. When it comes to styling thinning or fine hair, remember that little is more. Apply the pre-style spray on the follicle's root. This is where it will be most effective in terms of producing the volume you require. It's been said before, and it'll be said again. Pre-stylers with sea salt are a game changer, especially for thinning or fine hair. Give our sea salt spray a try. 


Heavier hold hair products can weigh your hair down, and the strongest of them can even bind huge clusters of hair follicles together, allowing your scalp to show through and emphasizing your thinning. Instead, use a light-holding product like a cream or a paste. This will help your hair keep more of the volume it needs to hide your scalp, while still giving you enough hold to keep you looking great. Our carefully selected styling range is safe for thinning hair and on point to prep you for the look you want.


When you use an abrasive towel to dry your hair, you're sure to thin it out, or even pull it out. It's best to be gentle with your hair when it's wet. The towel should not be rubbed vigorously through your hair. Instead, pat your hair dry with the towel. In the same way, the towel will still be able to get rid of the same amount of water. It will also keep your hair on your head.


Hair grows lazy over time. Try a different part. If you part your hair to the left, go right. You will have to change your hairstyle and the place where you part your hair if you want your hair to learn new things. Instead of just lying flat and dormant, you'll now add some much-needed volume and fullness to your hair as it adjusts to its new place.


Conditioning gives your hair what it needs to stay healthy, thick, and full. It also protects your hair from breakage and damage all day, which makes your hair look thin. The conditioner also makes the hair follicle smooth and adds life, making your hair look and feel thicker, too. Men should condition their hair!

Having thin and fine hair is a problem, but one that can be fixed. Follow these simple steps, put your favorite cap away, and get ready for the thick, full hair you deserve!

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